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  1. Our family thanks you at True Services for the outstanding help to our Dad who was with us until he was ninety-eight. For his last three years they were safe and enjoyable for him because you were with him 24/7. We appreciate the level of help you provided for him. Thank you very much.

  2. Sincere thank to all of your team who assisted my Dad with every need he had for his last three years with us. He passed at ninety-eight – but he was able to feel safe, protected and entertained for each of his days. Thank you again. We, as a family, appreciated your expertise with all the needs as they came up.

  3. November 17, 2016

    My precious daughter Catherine passed away September 17, 2016. I had the good fortune to have had TRUE CARE SERVICES by my side to take care of my daughter for about six months. They came highly recommended and i listened. Catherine was totally bed ridden the last 2 months, she was unable to feed herself or do anything on her own. The Love and Care she received from her caregiver (Evelyn) and the owner Leo Custodio visiting and calling, was such a huge comfort to me. They became part of my family and I would HIGHLY and without hesitation recommend their services. The name TRUE CARE SERVICES really represents them. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH LEO FOR HAVING SUCH A WONDERFUL AND CARING STAFF.

    Dora-Maria Baack

  4. We would not have been able to have my Dad in the comfort of his home without the excellent care of True Care Services. Leo and Roy were the most dedicated, careful and conscientious care givers and support system. Not only did they care for my Dad but they also helped my mom and made her feel comfortable dealing with the unfortunate circumstances. Every detail was covered by them, nursing needs, pill schedules hygiene, everything was handled with care and in the best way possible. There are not words that convey how appreciative we are of the care they provided.

  5. One Monday morning a BLESSING walked through my front door to care for my very sick husband. I knew immediately by his knowledge and professionalism, coupled by the caring he displayed for my husband, that I must have him by my side to insure my husband received someone whose passion was taking care of the sick and elderly. I called Leo Custodio a blessing, however, he was more then a blessing. Never once did I have to question his knowledge, and when I needed 24 hour care, Leo know just who would best serve our family in the night-time. The night before my husband passed, Leo went home early telling his assistant he would be back because he knew the end was soon. Not only did Leo come back, but he cared so beautifully for not only my husband, but all of us. I could never express fully my love for Leo, and all he stands for. Leo has a very special place in all our hearts, and we all look forward to our continued worlds of friendship.

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for Leo Custodio. If ever I was in need of care, Leo would always be my first call for help. We are truly blessed to be able to call him family.
    Kathy Malone

  6. I am forever grateful to True Care Services for the really kind, considerate, and professional manner they cared for my wife. She wasn’t always the easiest to attend to but the care she was given was truly that of love and charity. God Bless Leo and his absolutely wonderful care givers, Evelyn, Juliette, Cecilia, and Marifey.

    Ken Baker.

  7. Leo your people did a great job with my Judy. I would say to anyone they showed a lot of love in caring for her. She wanted for nothing. Thank you for service. Bob Murdock.

  8. True Care Services provided care for my husband during his recent illness and final days. His two caregivers were professional, kind, caring and so attentive to his needs. They also offered a gentle and appropriate sense of humor, which I felt contributed to his emotional well-being. Your loved one will be in good hands with their care.

    Cookie Berman

  9. Leo Custodio
    True Care Services

    I like to thank you for two capable and caring caregivers for my husband, Jim. They were dependable and trustworthy. Jim and I appreciated the effort they placed into Jim’s care.

    I thank you for Christopher and JP as Jim’s caregivers.

    Ursel Coge

  10. It is with pleasure that I recommend True Care Services. Leo Custodio and his Caregivers are caring and competent. Either L.j or Mars was with us twelve hours a day for a year and nine months. My husband was Dialysis patient and had many other health issues. They really were part of our family, and never missed a day except when they had an important commitment. Leo would find and acceptable substitute. They are punctual and honest. Leo’s people also helped another family member and a very close friend.

    Claire West Orr
    Century City, Ca.

  11. Are whole family was so favorably impressed with the caregivers sent to our home. They were personable and trained and saw extra things to be helpful. Leo is very understanding in adjusting care as the homecare requirements change. This firm was recommended to us and we in turn recommend them to others.

  12. The reason that I like True Care Services is Leo. All of these home care services have similar employees and you have to try them out before finding the right caretaker.

    Leo makes this easy as he is very responsive to his emails and texts. He worked with us under difficult conditions (my mother was very fussy). We did have a favorite caretaker-Ricky, very kind and patient.

    Melissa O’ Leary

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